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- CLOSED || Adopt 03 - by MaybeMocha
- CLOSED || Adopt 03 -

Belongs to zeromedz > u < ) // 

So it's Np with an adopt again.
After this I'm gonna pace myself because I have a lot of uni assignments OTL or at least try. In the mean time I hope Yh submits more HAHA. Her designs are more unique than mine tbh ; u ; ) ;;
Anyway, I trying to experiment with different colours! I hope someone likes this adopt!!

SB: 600 points
MI: 50 points

Snipe guard one hour. Auction will be extended by 38 hours if there is a snipe bid.

Ends: 5 days after the first bid. 10th November 8pm
When bidding please reply to the highest bidder. Thank you!

Whoever wins gets the adoptable's original file without the watermark
+ Adoptable Policies! +

Art © MaybeMocha / Np
It could have been prevented. It just could have.  Alas, it ended the way everyone feared. Fate is funny like that, at times it brings us the most joy but when it mattered it would be the most cruel. And when it's most cruel... You knew her brother, Death, was not far behind.  

Bumblebee knew too much of fate's twisted humor. Back at Cybertron, he lost many of his friends and war buddies to the menace of the Decepticons. One after the other, dropping with no end. When team Prime discovered Cliffjumper was dead, it mad him go back to the grimmest of a death he's ever witnessed.... [Name]'s death.

It was just when the war reached a critical point. Bumblebee was holding [Name]'s dying body in his servos. The pain was crippling her, movement being to much of a risk for her. Since Bee wanted to be careful until help arrived, he stayed underground, quiet and still. If he moved, he would hurt [Name] more and if he spoke aloud, the Decepticons might find them.

How did this happen? Distress call coming from one of the sectors in Iacon. Another team's soldier was injured and he requested to brought to an Autobot base. It didn't seem to suspicious, they got calls similar to that one. So Bumblebee and [Name] were ordered to get the soldier to the base.  It was all a trick crafted by one of the Decepticons to try and lure the nearest team to a trap.

Both Bee and [Name] stood their ground. They might not be the best but taking them out wasn't easy in the slightest. When they thought the battle was over, [Name] let her guard down. "This was good exercise wasn't it Bee?" He nodded in agreement. Since he was a scout, they didn't let him fight as much, this battle being one of the only times he's ever battled Decepticons in Cybertron.

The celebration didn't last for long. Unknown to both [Name] and Bumblebee, they left a Decepticon alive. Bee and [Name] where damaged in the battle. not wanting to risk it they radioed the base. The joke about if that was too a trap made Bee more happy. This war drained all the lively atmosphere Cybretron had and for once he felt happy. Sadly, it would all change afterwards.

He doesn't remember quiet well why he let it happen. He saw the Decepticon move but he dismissed it, thinking it was a sudden and last tick.  [Name] was standing in the way of the Decepticon, being in the perfect aiming spot. It didn't take long until the Decepticon took aim and shot the last blow on [Name].  Afterwards, everything went too fast for Bumblebee. She fell, Decpeticons approached and he ran away and hid underground.

"Bum...ble...bee..." [Name] broke the silence. Her voice, which would be more cheerful and upbringing, was weak. Her cheerful attitude was what kept Bee going in this war but now it was fading, leaving a hollow echo forever. She struggled, trying to move a bit. Bumblebee felt despair, where is the reinforcement he asked for? He can still hear Decepticons talking.

[Name] tried moving herself so she could face Bumblebee, lowering the expectations of living by the movement. The mech wanted to tell her to stop but he couldn't, he wouldn't. As her face faced his, he couldn't but help admiring her [G,Y or B] optics. Dying yet so bright, holding on to the last cable of hope.  So weak but still wanting to fight until the end.

However, he noticed that little by little, the light behind her optics was fading. Lube started to pour out of Bee's sockets. This was it, she was going to be one with Primus. Her light growing weaker and weaker by the second. Suddenly, he heard the sounds of shots, the reinforcements arrived but it was too late. When they arrived to Bumblebee and [Name] location, [Name]'s optics faded to darkness.
The Light Behind Your Optics
The Light Behind Your Optics [Prime!BumblebeexDying!Bot!Reader]

Nothing to say but I suck.

Transformers, TFP and Bumblebee (c) Hasbro
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For a place that has rampant electronic mayhem, Griffin Rock was a serene place. It had breathtaking sites, a beautiful ocean view and the best sunsets a Cybertronian has ever seen or that was what [Name] thought. Since she has been in stasis for a long time, she hasn't been around earth much to see what else it could offer. "Did you come here all alone?" She jumped.  A crimson red firetruck appeared behind her. [Name] didn't expect her leader to be here. "Oh, Heatwave! Didn't see you there."  The firetruck transformed into his normal form and sat beside [Name], causing her to blush a little. While not entirely in love with her new superior, she just felt a little flustered since she hasn't been with a mech since she left Cybertron.

"You still didn't answer my question. Why are you here and why isn't *Insert random human name here* with you? Do you want to blow our cover?" Oh yes. The "robot" facade. Acting like mindless tin cans in front of the Griffin Rock humans, except the Burns  and Greene families, so people wouldn't know that they actually had a mind of their own.  It was stupid but she couldn't go against Optimus' orders. Now that she was thinking about it, if Heatwave is here... "Hey, where's Kade?" The mech became nervous. "Well... Uh... He's close. He's... With... Uh... Haley! Yes, he's close by with Haley." The young femme didn't buy it. Kade would want Heatwave to stay with him, mostly to impress Haley, but to also have him if there was an emergency call.

"Okay. So to answer your question, I am here watching the sunset." The dashes of pink, orange and blue on the canvas of the sky were, in here opinion, the best she's seen. While defiant, Heatwave liked it too but he didn't want to seem too un-mech like in from of [Name].  "Hmft. I've seen better." [Name] rolled her optics. 'Too cocky to admit it?'

"Heatwave, let's talk seriously for a moment. Why are you here?" The mech looked aside. Was that a blush on him? "Well I saw you here and as your leader, I had to see if you were alright or something." Yeah, right. "How did you know I was here alone? *IRHNH* could be here too." The mech froze. "Well... I had a hunch you were alone. It was just a lucky guess." The mech stood up. Still trying to avoid optic contact with [Name]. "Are you going to stay or are you not coming to the firehouse?" [Name] stood up and planted a kiss on his cheek plates. The mech could have been considered to be in stasis after that kiss. [Name] change into her vehicle mode waiting for Heatwave. "Hey! Aren't we leaving or not?" Heatwave got out the trance and nodded. "Yeah, well you were slow. So I waited for you." Prideful as always. He changed into his firetruck mode.

"Wanna race to the Firehouse?" The mech drove past by [Name]. "I'd thought you'd never ask."
Early Sunsets Over Griffin Rock |HeatwavexReader|
First time writing for the TF fandom. I chose the Rescue Bots since I see a disturbing lack of the here.

You (c) Heatwave.
Heatwave and Transformers (c) Hasbro
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