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Starjinx (fail) pixel by dugherowngrave
Starjinx (fail) pixel
Just my first attempt at pixel art. 

Art (c) Me
Starjinx (c) My friend
I yelped as I dove behind a wall, barely dodging a shot sent at me by the Decepticons. This was by far more intense than I'd thought my first battle would be, and I had a feeling it might even be my last.

I glimpse back from the corner of the wall to see that one of them was walking towards the area here searching for me, ready to shoot me down and give me a final blow. "I know you are around here somewhere! Come out now and we'll try to make this easy on you!" He shouted, pointing his blaster at every nook and cranny, hoping to see if I made any false move.

I stood still in my place, my back against the wall trying to stay as quiet and unmoving as I could to a point where I even stopped my intake in hopes to make him leave as fast as he could. 'Relax, Wildfinder. As soon as they leave you are as good as free.' I thought and prayed for it to happen.  As some time passed, the Decepticon have up and ran back to his comrades to confirm that he couldn't find me. His commander, or that is what I think he is since the soldier talked to him directly, started chatting with the soldier.

I couldn't decipher what they said but as soon as I saw them heading out I relaxed and sat on the pavement. However, I should have known that they wouldn't have given up so easily and that was my biggest mistake that I shall never commit again. As soon as they left opticsight and I sat down, a bomb was activated. 

I don't remember what I felt in that moment but I do remember how it all, in just a matter of seconds, went white. I heard a commotion later on but I couldn't pinpoint the sound, for every noise seemed to echo off invisible walls, and I let them... until... "Her vitals are normal, all her frame functions perfectly and we could easily rebuilt her but from the look of things... Not many will recognize her," I heard someone say. That sent off alarms in my processor and I immediately started struggling to regain my complete consciousness, finding a few medics standing above me.

Their optics drifted on me as they saw me waking up, though, they had a look of melancholy and pity. Once they noticed that I was looking at them oddly, they decided to fake a smile and an equally fake cheerful tone. "Good to see you are online, soldier! How was your rest?"

"...Fine..." I replied, confused at their sudden change of mood. I didn't like it, yet I still didn't know what had happened either. "What happened to me?" I questioned the medics, who seemed to exchange expressions and remain quiet. I rose a ridge and asked again, their expression seemed somewhat uncomfortable. I asked once more and one of them turned to me with another forced smiled. "Nothing really... Just... A little accident."  

While I was still a bit wary about what the medics said, I shrugged it off, not wanting to keep this pointless dabble between me and them continue. After a while, they all left and I was left alone in a seemingly empty and quiet room. The only thing being heard were the occasional squeaks of my movement in the berth. 

After, what was really some short amount of time but felt longer, I got off the berth. I just couldn't stand being still for a long time. I needed to do something even if it was stupidly simple like walking around the room. Once up, I finally had full view of the room. It wasn't much big nor was it small, had some monitors connected to my frame to keep track of my vitals and what not with two doors which I can assume one is the exit and the other one a cleaning station. 

I took the liberty of walking around the room, since I knew that leaving said room would result in the patrons taking me back in there and locking me so I wouldn't do such thing again, and it was then when I realized some fluid was dripping out from my elbow joint. Since said leak was not too severe I decided to just clean it up and handle it myself opposed to calling the medical officers to check it out. I couldn't find any rags or such around so the cleaning station was my best bet.

I headed into the in the room and went to he wash basin to clean it up. I turned on the faucet and laid my elbow joint on it, watching the leak swim away down the drain. As I went to shut the faucet off and I lifted my helm, I got to see a horrible the most horrible sight. "What the-?"In the mirror I got to see that my faceplate was almost unrecognizable, it was completely shattered to a point that I was so surprised my optics weren't as broken. The shock was too much to handle that I started screaming. 

I don't know how loud was but what I do know is that it was so loud it alerted everyone in that floor. One of the medics assigned to me ran to the room and found me in the most horrible mood. The medic gulped as I glared. "You couldn't fix this!?" I asked as I trailed my digits over the broken cracks. The medic intaked and gave a blank expression. "Wildfinder, you are lucky to even be online. You know how bad it is to reconstruct a frame after it as blown up by a bomb? Not to mention that when the extraction team found you, the frame was in pieces and covered in rubble. We did the best we could and now you are well and online, your faceplate should be the least of your worries." The medic answered sternly and to the point.  

I snarled at the medic and stared at the mirror. I knew that the faceplate being what it was right now, wasn't exactly the medical officers' fault but the fault of that group of Decepticons I encountered that threw that bomb. It was then when I hatched an idea in my processor. I wanted to leave my warrior ways to become something much more and with this request, I can make sure they don't know it's me. I turned to the officer and gave a soft smile. "I'm sorry. I understand and I apologize for my behavior but may I ask for something?" The officer nodded and replied, "If it's possible, yes. What is it?" I grinned which made him rather uncomfortable given my appearance. "I request for a visor, if it's not much. Just to cover it."

The medic looked at me with a curious stare but nonetheless communicated with some other to fulfill my request. "It has been accepted. just go back to your berth and we shall send up the visor as soon as we can." I nodded and headed to my berth, being watched by the officer as to secure that I was doing as I was asked. Once done he left and I started plotting my way out. Seeing as going through the exit directly is off-limits, I looked for a way to leave. There was no windows in the main room or the cleaning station so that was out. I looked around the room and it became clear to me. The vents. The vents could at least head me to the roof and I could run free to get my revenge. 

The medical officers arrived to my room with the faceplate in a crate. "Here, it a new model. You can see through it but no one can see you." They said and took it out. The locked it on in my faceplate and I felt a glimpse of how I was going to live from now on. "Thanks! I really appreciate it." I cheered which made them smile. "Now be careful. Since it's brand new we don't want it to break so avoid as much as you can." I motioned in agreement and they left. I wanted to crawl through the vents right then and there but I knew that if I did, I might not escape.

A few hours passed and I finally took to my escape. I ripped off all the cables that were connected to my vitals and darted to the wall were I opened the vent. I quickly crawled in and crept through the vent, making my way to the roof. It was then when I heard the medical officers barge into the room I was in. "Wildfinder!?" They shouted as I was making my way through the vents.

It didn't take them long to realize that I was in the vents and they made anything possible to stop me at my tracks. They all spread around the building to look for me in every nook and cranny. I was, what in that moment I didn't realize, halfway to the roof vent exit. Their search for me didn't stop me from advancing to my set goal, I kept on crawling and crawling until I finally reached the roof. I made it out from the vent and I stared at the horizon. I knew what I had to do and so I ran off to the nearest Autobot station where I asked for a change in specialty. 

Now I sit here writing in this data pad how my change of warrior to spy began. So far, I have had some good details of the Decepticons which I would later address to my superiors back at the station whenever I can assume I am free to do so. My path here was long but it isn't over yet, not as long as this war stands.

Wildfinder's tale
Backstory to :iconannpar2009: 's OC, Wildfinder. 

It took months to make and I hope she (and anyone who reads it) likes what I have done. Wlidfinder is really an interesting OC and it was fun to make a full story based on her, though also a tad difficult. 

This took months, a phone, a broken hand and a laptop to make. XD

Story (c) dugherowngrave and Annpar2009
Wildfinder (c) :iconannpar2009:
Transformers (c) Hasbro and Takara Tomy
I have come back! Now with the app I can update things from my phone. So... Anyone has any good ideas?
I have come back! Now with the app I can update things from my phone. So... Anyone has any good ideas?


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