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May 2, 2012
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Prussia x Pregnant! Reader-Cravings
WARNING: Humor, Angry reader, Food, Babies and ect.
Human named used.

"Verdammit, Gilbert! Where the hell are you?" You screamed, lying in your bed with pain and hunger. Being 5 months pregnant was the worst. Yeah you didn't have any period, but now you suffer from back pain, mood swings and worst of all hunger. You were one of those girls who always wanted to be a mother but never realized the pain and agony of it. You cried from the pain. It hurts when you vomit and if you didn't get food you would go all She-Hulk on everyone.

It didn't help that your husband was a stubborn man. Right now he wasn't his "Awesomeness" like he always says. Yes, you love him with all your heart but even you had to admit that he was sometimes annoying. Now that you are thinking about him. You wondered what he thought of this entire situation. Was he happy that he will be a father? Or did he hate the idea and leave you when he had the chance? The thought of the second question made you cry. But truth is stranger then fiction.  He was glad to be an upcoming father what he hated was the mood swing and the weird cravings.

You finally heard some steps and in your room entered your husband, Gilbert with a tray filled with pancakes with cheese and onions and lemon juice. "Gotterdammit,_________. I was just in the kitchen making you your…Uhh…uhhh…." He didn't know what to call this "treat". He rather like eating pancakes with syrup. He put the tray in your lap and sat next to you.  He watched silently while you ate your "food". He was kind of horrified at the sight. You were a vacuum cleaner when it came to food.  When you finally finished your "food" you looked at him straight in the eye and said(in a low demonic voice): "More food…"

Deep down Gilbert didn't know what he was more afraid of. The things you label as "food" or you. He knew that if he didn't go get you food it would be like catastrophic.  "O-okay _________ . V-vhat do you vant?" You notice he was getting scared. You tried to relax yourself. Yes you were pregnant but you yourself know that you didn't have to be a bitch about it. You put one of your hands on one of his cheeks and said: "Anything.  Just as long as it's eatable and delicious."  Gilbert looked at you calm.  He knows he had to be gentle with you. Not only are you his wife and the mother of his child but you were his beloved. He loved you but he had a hard time saying it. It was weird that his "Awesomeness" would be thrown down by a woman. He was shocked when you accepted to be Mrs.Beilschmidt.

He looked at you and got off the bed. " I am going to get you the food. I will be back soon." With that he left the room and went to his car to get you the food. Hours passed and he wasn't there yet. You began to cry. Thinking he left you for good. Thinking that he hated you and the punishment you put him. He hated you, he hated that you married him, he hated that you got pregnant and he hated the child. You began to cry not knowing all the trouble he was in trying to get you some food.

"Luddy! West! Ludo! LUDWIG OPEN THE MUTTERFICKEN DOOR RIGHT NOW!" Gilbert screamed. He went to Kiku's house, Feliciano and Lovino's house, Ivan's house, Alfred's house and even to Roderich's house to get you some food. Gilbert's younger brother, Ludwig finally opens the door and sees his older brother exhausted and tired. Even if you don't see it Ludwig cared a lot for his older brother, being his only family and all. "Vhat is it, Gilbert? You look tired? What happened?" Gilbert looked at Ludwig a bit angered. "Well ________ has cravings and mood swings. She's screaming at me and blaming me for making her fat and pregnant! It doesn't help that she vomits everywhere and sand constantly faints! You know sometimes I doubt she even loves me."

"Sigh." Ludwig kept clam. He knew they loved each other but this pregnancy has left them angered and exhausted. "Look.  Vhat if I give you some wurst  and potatoes. And I go with you to help with making food and __________?" Gilbert looked amazed at Ludwig. "You would really help me, Ludwig?" He looked at him calmly. "Yes, because you are my big brother and ________ is my sister-in-law. I love you both and I would like to see my soon to be nephew or niece." Gilbert agreed to that and he and Ludwig got in their cars.

Meanwhile, back at your house. You didn't see to…good…"GILBERT!!!"  Yes you finally cracked. Not only were you hungry but you were sad and angry.  You thought that Gilbert finally left you. You thought he would never come back and attend to you. That he hated you. You broke everything in your house. From furniture to walls(remember now you have the strength of Hulk). Nothing would come to end your rage.

Gilbert and Ludwig finally got home and what they saw was not pretty. They were greeted with broken walls and couches.  Even Gilbird wasn't spared. His cage was dent and he was on a corner paralyzed."GILBIRD!!!" Gilbert reacted when he picked up his bird. "Gilbert!" Ludwig looked at Gilbert angry because he was paying more attention to his bird than his She-Hulk of a wife. "Oh sorry." Gilbert got up and went to the living room with Ludwig. There you were breaking everything in sight.  When you finally saw Gilbert you were both relieved and angered. He went to hug you and you began to cry. "I thought you left me. I thought you hated me." Gilbert was shocked at your confession. "I love you________. Vhy vould I leave the second awesomest person in the world?"

"Well…I thought you hated the thought of being a father. And I...I'm sorry." Gilbert patted your back. "It's okay. Hey I brought you food and Ludwig is here to help." You didn't realized Ludwig until Gilbert mentioned him. "Oh-hello Ludwig." Ludwig looked at you and walked over you and put his hand on your shoulder. "Hello ____________."  You began to look at the mess you made. You recked the whole place. "Hey if Ludwig is here to help. Ludwig could you please clean this…after the food is made?" Ludwig gulped. "Alright I will get to it."

You sat in a chair while Gilbert and Ludwig prepared food.

4 Months Later…

"Push!" You were finally giving labor. You thought bearing the baby was hard imagine giving birth. "PUSH!" You tried but it hurt. You were holding Gilbert's hand. Which was a dark shade of purple. "GILBERT!!!" You screamed out the top of your lungs. "Verdammitt, woman. I'm here and you are breaking my hand!" Gilbert was relieved that the baby was coming out but He didn't think it would be like this. "PUSH!"

"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH…" You screamed. You just wanted the baby out. You wanted to finally get the baby out and finally get out of this misery. "It's out!" You and Gilbert were finally relived. "Wait I see another one!" Your eyes widen. "VHAT?!" You said to the doctor amazed. "No wonder you were so bitchy." Gilbert said. You looked at him with a violent stare. "You didn't know you were having twins!?" You and him both looked at the doctor. "No.  We never went to check if I even had a boy or a girl." The doctor looked at you. "Oh well. Here it comes."

"Congratulations you have a girl and a boy." You finally hold your baby. "Well we are finally parents." Gilbert looked at you holding the other baby. "Yeah. But you know that now it will be even harder. " Your eyes widen not because you were surprised but because you imagined your future.  "Umm…_______________?" You got out of the trance. "Oh sorry." Ludwig entered the room with balloons and a big teddy bear.  You were impressed to see a tough man like Ludwig with a teddy bear. But the one surprised was Ludwig seeing two babies instead of one.  "So you had twins?" You both look at him ." Yes. No worry we were impressed too."

"So what are their names?" Ludwig asked. You and Gilbert looked at each other and realized you never gave them names. "Mmm…The girl is called Maria and the boy…" You were thinking of a boy's. "He's Gilbert "the Awesome" Jr." Gilbert replied. Yeah it didn't give him time to go back to his old self again. You sighed. "And yes Maria and Gilbert Jr. what a surprise." You said sarcastically. "Oh I can't vait until he's older. So I could teach him how to be Awesome just like his father." You rolled your eyes. "Let's just see what the future has in stored." You said while you looked at your wonderful but futurely frightening children.

Requested by :iconhyperlovecookie:

Well I finally finished my first request. Now another 130 to go.

I had the idea for this one when I was about to sleep. In that same moment I had ideas for 3 others. I know I fail but atleast I tried.

I hope the requester(and everyone who reads it) enjoy reading it.

Please comment!
Still one slot left for a Hetalia reader insert request. If you want it comment on my journal.
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